Cardinal Bone Feathers

Cardinal Bone Feather earrings & necklace from our Realistic Feathers Collection. 

Ceremonial Bone Feathers

Native American Ceremonial Bone Feather Earrings & Necklaces.

Red Tailed Hawk Bone Feathers

One of our most popular Realistic Bone Feathers

Where the Tradition Began

The original bone feather jewelry and art by Lonny & Michelle Cloud (and family)

Bone Feather Earrings, Necklaces & Pendants

Realistic Feathers

Nearly 80 different styles are now offered in natural reproductions of actual feathers. Our most popular bone feather earrings are from this line.

Native American Carved Bone Fetishes & Animal Heads

Carved Bone Pendants

Carved bone animal heads (approx. 1.5 inch) and Native American fetishes come with a pin/bail combo attached to the back so that they may be worn as either a pin or necklace.


Traditional Native American Bone Feather Earrings, Necklaces, Pins & Pendants

Ceremonial Feathers

Our famous Ceremonial line is one of our earliest & best selling lines. A select assortment of realistic bone feathers adorned with traditional Native American ceremonial markings.

Native American Fine Art - original oil & acrylic paintings & prints

Fine Art

Original paintings, prints, carvings and other fine art pieces.

Bone Feather Jewelry by Thunder Puppy Art. This is the original bone feather jewelry – Where the tradition began – since 1976. Our bone feathers are hand carved from real bone with painstaking detail then hand painted to mimic real bird feathers, traditional native american ceremonial feathers, as well as more contemporary native american feather stylings.

We offer bone feather earrings, necklaces, pins & pendants, as well as custom art pieces carved from bone like shields, fetishes, animal heads, prayer people, spirit people, original fine art oil & acrylic paintings, and fine art prints.

Please take some time and explore all our carved bone feathers in their many different styles. Our realistic bone feathers that accurately reproduce the feathers of dozens of colorful bird species are extremely popular. These highly detailed bone feathers are a keepsake any Audobon Society member would cherish. However, please don’t overlook our traditional native american decorated bone feather lines or their more contemporary native american inspired designs.