About Us

The history of bone feather jewelry

Since the 1970’s, Lonny Cloud has worked with numerous artistic mediums including watercolors, acrylics, and oils on many differ­ent media to produce a wide variety of native art. In the fall of 1986, while carving a bust from cottonwood, Lonny had the inspiration to make feathers from bone, a material he was familiar with. With the encouragement of some family members to spur him on, a new form of artwork was born in Drake, Colorado, near Estes Park on the Big Thompson River.

Buffalo, Elk, and Deer bone were the first materials used, and are continued to be used along with Beef and any other bone that is requested. Sterling silver and 14K gold are used as findings, and precious minerals and gems such as turquoise and sapphires are incorporated to make the finest line of bone feather jewelry and art available. The bone is also used to create multi-media fine art pieces, and original paintings and giclee prints are available as well.

Michelle joined Lonny in 1991 adding her own delicate detail and high quality standards to the mix. She has developed well over 100 new designs in the last 20 years. She also works in other mediums, and constantly works to create new designs.

Lonny and Michelle’s children are all quite good artists in their own right, and have now joined the business as much as their schedules will allow. Many pieces available are a collaboration of the family, and they all look forward to all the new creations that the children are bringing to the venture.

About our mark

Many people ask about our signature on our pieces. The mark is one that Lonny has used on all his art since his high school days in the (gasp!) 1970’s, and is simply four initials linked together. It is presently in the process of being registered as a trademark. You will also find pieces marked with a “T.P.S.” cougar paw and Michelle’s signature as well.

“We believe that art should first and foremost speak for its self. If it moves people and the quality of our work shows, then we have been successful at what we do. We do our very best to bring you art that is made from our heart…something that will speak to you and that you can truly appreciate. We are extremely grateful that we have been given this work to do…to bring you all something beautiful. we hope that our art speaks for its self and that it will bring you great enjoyment.”

Thunder Puppy Art - Bone Feather Jewelry